Our Management Team

Sri Shivani College of Pharmacy is a sister concern of Sri Shivani Educational Society, a governing organisation that has a primary intention of providing best quality education that empowers our community, students, industry, academic staff and every individual who comes in touch with our Organisation.

Our founding principles lead to offering the highest quality education and is driven by the vision, social agenda and community leadership of our Management Team members. Our board of trust formulates Professionls, Lawyers, Academic Leaders and accomplished professionals coming from various backgrounds.

Our Academic Team

Sri Shivani College of Pharmacy prides itself in building strong academic teams as hiring and keeping highly educated, accomplished, experienced team of professors, instructors, academic staff supports our principal commitment to providing the best education at our institutions.

Presently, our team of knowledgeable professors, instructors and academic staff members have excelled in their chosen careers, education and expertise and are highly respected within the industry for their contributions to the field of Pharmaceutical Sciences.